Fridolin Tux, Technical Documentation:

[Pic: Fridolin] I'm Fridolin. My full Name is "Fridolin Tux"
You may call me "Gator" !

My favourite ...

  • ... foods: chocolate, chips, cookies, much pizza, coffee, cola
                [Pic: "Beam me up, Scotty!"]
  • ... films: hackers, Star Trek, Kung Fu, Magnum, Stahlharte Finger II, Blues Brothers
    [Pic: "Tux Brothers"] Es sind bis 512 Nodes zum Weltrekord, wir haben genug IP-Nummern im 10er Netz,
    ein halbes Stockwerk voller Rechner,
    es ist Nacht und wir tragen Sonnenbrillen.
    Loading linux .......

  • ... Actress: Julie Benson
  • ... Sport: Lin-Jitsu (I'm a Linja)
  • ... users: ;-)
  • ... company: Lini, Pico, Linette, Claudia, Peter and other Linux Penguins & users
  • ... place to live would be between a pizza-shop and Lunetix. But Hamburg is not too bad ;-)
I have further pages at my users Webspace at the IN-Berlin.

In case you still believe I'm human: I'm not!

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